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  The Morgans of Little Brook Farm are a result
of 35 years of breeding correct, versatile and
good using horses with sound bodies and
minds for use by the amateur owner.

The emphasis has always been on breeding
sport Morgan horses - breeding horses
who are a pleasure to own for the
“backyard” owner; as well as
breeding many excellent horses
for those owners who wish to
compete at higher levels.

LBF Morgan horses have been highly successful at dressage, distance, trail riding, driving & ranch use. They are noted for their beauty, correct con- formation, gentle dispositions, all around usefulness, willing attitudes and long lasting soundness.

All LBF stallions and the majority of mares are Foundation Morgans.test


In the fall of 2018 we made the big move back to CT with 24 horses. It has taken quite some time to get the new farm organized, sheds, fencing and the barn modernized.

2019 ended on a sad note for us having to let LBF Gay Hannah and LBF Gay Enchantress cross over the rainbow bridge. I will morn these dear souls every day. It is still a jolt walking in the barn and not seeing their faces waiting for their meal.

2019 was an exciting year too. Kat Waters had a very successful summer competing LBF Singing In The Rain and LBF Ruby Red Vermont in Working Equitation. Both she and I are very excited to see what 2020 brings us. I will also be sending these mares half sister LBF Bella Flora , to compete this year as well.

Living right next door to White Memorial in Litchfield has been heaven. Jimi, Belle, Jazz,China and Tara and I have clocked many an hour on the trails there.

We are also happy to announce that raf: Hotcreek Royal Cavalier has joined our herd from California. Many thanks to Barbara Hill an outstanding breeder of Foundation Morgans. Thank you Barbara for giving me this opportunity.

We are not expecting any foals for this year but home to breed for several in 2021.

LBF Some Like It Hot with owner Laurie Grann sorting cattle


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