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  The Morgans of Little Brook Farm are a result
of 35 years of breeding correct, versatile and
good using horses with sound bodies and
minds for use by the amateur owner.

The emphasis has always been on breeding
sport Morgan horses - breeding horses
who are a pleasure to own for the
“backyard” owner; as well as
breeding many excellent horses
for those owners who wish to
compete at higher levels.

LBF Morgan horses have been highly successful at dressage, distance, trail riding, driving & ranch use. They are noted for their beauty, correct con- formation, gentle dispositions, all around usefulness, willing attitudes and long lasting soundness.

All LBF stallions and the majority of mares are old
style Foundation Morgans.


Thanks to all of you who visit my web site and I am so sorry that it is so out of date. Please bare with me as we bring it up to date with news, and some young stock that are not up here yet.

We have had a very mild winter here in the NE. Spring is here today but will be gone again in a day or two and it is not far around the corner permanently.

With the mild winter Anne and I have been able to ride much of the winter. Our roads have been well sanded and even with barefoot horses we have not had much trouble. Anne road LBF Memphis Belle and I rode LBF Diamond Lil who out did herself on those icy treacherous days keeping me safe.

On a very sad note we had to put our beautiful H-Scarlet down in Nov 2015. In Sept 2014 we had to say good bye to our Levi, Baptiste Blue Hawaii. He had squamous cell carcinoma and it just seemed the kindest thing to let him go. In 2013 we also had to put down LBF Gay Isabella. Issy has left a hole in my heart. She had bone cancer of the jaw. Sadly in Nov of 2010 We had to let Treasure Brightsun go. Loosing our golden mares has not been easy, they are missed every day but we are fortunate enough to have their daughters. Loosing Levi was divesting to say the least.

In July we will be sending the four year old LBF Ruby Vermont to be started under saddle by Kat Waters here in Vermont. Kat has already worked with a number of my mares and is a respected and kind trainer.


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